The big move

Hi there dear people who have been following along.

About three months ago I made the decision to move to a different and self-hosted domain. Please feel free to follow along at:

Sometimes I Quilt

Also available on Facebook (be among the first to follow along… the page is literally hours old…):

Sometimes I Quilt Facebook page

Happy New Year 🙂




It all ended in tears…

I went shopping yesterday.  Now if you know me you would realise that this actually isn’t anything unusual… but I am shopping for a new car. I think I may have decided on the car I will go for, but more on that tomorrow.  The one thing which this particular shopping experience has shown me is my limitations.

I found the car of my dreams, at a price I could afford… but it only comes in manual, and I haven’t driven one of those in over a decade, and even then I did it very poorly.  I left the car in tears, so I am not getting that one…

When I am quilting, there are really are no limits, I see what I want to do and am just able to do it… I can’t explain it… put me in the car and I can’t coordinate my feet, hands and brain… it was all too much – so I cried.  Oh well… at least I finally sewed something, and I visited a quilt shop (or two)…