And then there were three (more)

This year seems to be the Year of the Swap; and it continues. Just above here is my #handpiecedminiswap run by Jo of Life in Lists. It has been received by its new owner, and I loved making it (but then I do love me some hand piecing).

Next up was the #superherominiquiltswap, I am not saying anything about this one – it has’t arrived as yet… so still in the secret squirrel basket… but it was loads of fun to make (I hand pieced this one as well).

And last, but not least is the #theanimalinyouswap. I have blogged about this one before, I wasn’t sure if doing the swaps is good for me and people having a sense of what it is that I do… well except that if I was honest about it, I love hand work – and the sharks are appliqued, so it is kind of me… but it is more my partner’s (and apparently I totally nailed this one).

How about you? Do you swap?


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