Is my Instagram feed really me?

Something occurred to me last week, and it has taken a but of time bouncing about in my head for it to come out.

Given that most of my quilting time is currently taken up with swaps – is my Instagram feed really me? Or is it me channeling my partners?

Take The Animal in You Swap (#theanimalinyouswap) that I am currently involved in.

Just keep swimming #theanimalinyouswap

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This quilt is something I am proud of (currently it is waiting to be quilted), but the style of it isn’t what I would go for myself, it isn’t “me”, which is making me think… if you were looking at my IG feed expecting to find a snapshot of my life – would you?

I think I shall continue to ponder this some more (while figuring out if I am going to be doing any more swaps this year, or if six is enough…).


2 thoughts on “Is my Instagram feed really me?

  1. Good questions. I think swaps and challenges are a great opportunity to try things you wouldn’t have otherwise. But you probably won’t develop your own style with them. Opt out of a few, try some things you’ve been thinking about without the influence or demands of other people’s work. If nothing else, that will let you decide better how you want to balance your time between swaps and your own work.

    • I have really enjoyed the swaps, but I am thinking that they have served their purpose. In reality I think I needed to move out of my comfort areas a bit – and overcome my sheer hatred of my own sewing by machine.

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