My life in swaps

Towards the end of last year I decided that I needed to sew more, one of the ways I have been motivating myself is to sign up for some swaps on Instagram. Fun times have ensued. Not only am I finding my groove with being creative, but I am also coming to use these as an opportunity to step out of my comfort zone and work with some styles, colours and methods that I wouldn’t ordinarily do.

Take for example the first of these… the Kitten Mini Quilt Swap, run by Marni of Frankie’s Fabrics.

My swap quilt was made from Elizabeth Hartman’s “The Cat Quilt”, which I have admired for quite a while, but given my dislike for machine piecing, I have avoided like the proverbial plague. But I gave it a shot (and then promptly forgot to take a photograph of it before I sent it on its merry way… thankfully Instagram is photo based and so thanks to Melissa for the below)

Next was the Rainbow Mini Swap, run by Kate Basti. This was a whole lot of fun and I have already blogged about it here. I improvised – which I actually do quite a bit, but this time the magic worked and I was very happy with it. AND then I machine quilted it (again, something I don’t generally do) and I remained happy with it. So… two lots of surprise happy in one mini.

Enter the Spring Fling Mini Swap… which when you are participating in a Northern Hemisphere theme (spring in April), when it isn’t spring here in the south… I am not going to reveal this one yet. It is wrapped in brown paper getting ready to depart from this place to another place tomorrow. But I am over the moon with how this one turned out. Particularly the quilting – which I again did on the machine.

I have signed up for the next lot of swaps for me, and I will be writing about them in the fullness of time as well.

Because sometimes I really enjoy this whole quilting thing 🙂

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