Bees, Wine Eggs and Storms

Yesterday (Sunday) I went to one of the Canberra local wineries for lunch. On the drive, to the “shores” of Lake George to Lerida Estate, we stopped to take in some of the scenery.

I enjoy photography, and love the opportunity to take some photos that are usually out of my comfort zone – which yesterday meant me getting up close with some bees…

Bees, bees and storms.For Christmas a couple of years ago I bought myself a Lensbaby lens kit, which had as part of it a macro attachment. The bees came under my close scrutiny, the spider didn’t.

Being a winery there were, as expected, grapes – although in this form I prefer to think of them as wine eggs. Because hatching from the eggs will be some lovely wine in the coming years.

Bees, bees and storms.The drive home after a lovely lunch of platters (no photos, for whatever reason I have stopped taking photos of my food… go figure), there were storms in the distance, right over where Canberra is… this wasn’t a problem until I thought about the washing that was on the line.

Bees, bees and storms.
Watching the storms in the distance reminds me of home in some ways. Being able to see the storms as they come over the mountains and knowing how long it was going to be before you got rained on.

I do love the rain.


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