Improvising my way through life

Last night I had something of an epiphany.

I had this idea bouncing about in my head for a while – I was going to make it for the Rainbow Mini-Swap. Taking the centre of the Modern Medallion (once was Two Aussie Birds, now Raspberry Spool), and changing it to be a mini and then doing a funky thing… and something (you all know how these things go…).

So I had drawn up the paper bits for the foundations a while ago, but never really had a time when “inspiration” hit. So I put my big girl pants on last night, wanting to block out some crappy everyday stuff, and I started to put it all together.

I am always quite amazed when the magic works. Oh. And I don't know what this is for.

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But then something happened and without thinking, measuring or anything else that the control freak in me would ordinarily do… I improvised… and I am really quite happy with where it stands at the moment.

And I am not quite sure what is going to happen next… except that I want to shop for more fabric (and that can’t be a bad thing… can it?).

Now I just need to take a leap with the thing I was avoiding by improvising this… perhaps.


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