Process Post

GeorgeIII Coverlet - Block 1A few weeks ago now I went to the Canberra Stitches and Craft Fair. Now amongst the quilts on display (and there were quite a few of them I liked this year), there was also the “shopping” area. Generally speaking I haven’t been a fan of the market side of things, with the rise of the paper crafts, there has been a fall in the number of quilting and fabric supply places at these things… but I digress.

You know how there are times that things sing to you… and you have to get them? Well there was something there that did that… this quilt, at Carolyn Konig Designs.

Now please do go and click on the link and have a bit of a look at it. I did every day for about two weeks before I just did it and signed up for the block of the month. But now I have a bit of a problem

I have always wanted to make a Dear Jane Quilt – please see last post – and this is remarkably similar in many ways (the millions of tiny pieces for example), but I want it to be perfect. I want my points to match and given that I am on something of a fussy cutting phase, this could get ugly, or pedantic, either way really. And because of this I am torn… I really want to English Paper Piece the thing – because that way I know it would be as close to perfect as I could possibly make it. But it isn’t drawn that way – it is designed mostly for hand piecing (which is how I have started it, with the tiny, tiny pieces).

I might see what tomorrow brings. I need to get this block done so that I can kind of keep up a bit… because I think it would be bad form for me to not at least try and keep up given that this is the first block of the month I have ever done…


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