Have traipsing coat: will travel


For those who know me in real life, they know that I absolutely hate the heat. Give me cold any day. So the holidays come around and while most of my friends are on their way to the sunny climates in Queensland or “up north” as we like to put it, I have headed south. To the beach.

In the summertime, this place is a Mecca for holiday people who love to surf and swim – but that isn’t me. I have really enjoyed traipsing about looking at the lighthouses (there are three), being in the wind (I am a little pink from that) and looking at the ocean when it is all dark and broody.

I have packed some stitching, my iPad and camera and am trying to stay connected, yet be relatively simple in the way that things are happening. After all – I am on holidays.

A task I have given myself while I am on this trip is to make a decision (for the moment) on:
1. Do I start my PhD, and
2. If so, what do I do it on?

Now it may seem like a strange thing to ponder on ones quilting blog and not their education one… But I have really enjoyed being back and a part of the creative process that has come with quilting again (most notably the Modern Medallion Quilt-along). If I do this, then how do I maintain the balance that I lost during my masters?

Seriously, if anyone has an answer… Don’t be shy…


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