Would you like to build a Stargate?

Medallion-01The Modern Medallion continues…

There was a moment about a week ago when I had the four sections of the Medallion centre done and it was up on the kind of design wall, one of the Offspring came into the sewing room [kitchen] and told me that it was a lovely Stargate. So of course now it is called The Stargate Quilt. I like it.

So the three other sections of the centre came together quite nicely, and then there were the wonky geese. I really enjoyed sewing them. They were absolutely perfect little geese… until I took to them with a rotary cutter. Eighty of the little things flying every which way they can.

Medallion-3But then the quilt top went on an adventure…

I took it to my quilt group for advice on what to do with the wonky borders… I don’t think I have ever seen so much pain in the faces of people… “but they don’t match”, “why, why have you done this?”, and “this really is a challenge for us all you know”… I have found in making things deliberately wonky and not quite matching, I have been sewing more accurately than I ever have before. In order to break things, I have had to plan it to the smallest detail… and then comes the waving not drowning border. I’m not doing it.

I had planned to – I even have the outer border fabric cut out and ready to go. But because I am refusing to buy any new fabric for this quilt, I am having to use what I already have so I have pieced the border ready to be made wavy – and then liked the piecing, so I am going to leave it there and move onto the crosses… which I am really looking forward to as well.

Medallion-2Now all I need is the time to get cross…


6 thoughts on “Would you like to build a Stargate?

  1. Hi there…love your Stargate… You have probably already got your border on and maybe the crosses and who knows the whole quilt done…I am a little bit behind…pheewwww 😉

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