In the beginning – Modern Medallion

Medallion CentreAs we head into the long weekend here in Australia (well most of it I think that one of the states isn’t), I have finished one quarter of the centre of the Modern Medallion that I rather impulsively decided to try out.

I was really hesitant to begin this quilt. I really loved the look of the original one, but I wanted something that I could use up my current stash (which I have pulled into one place and consolidated into plastic tubs sorted according to colour… which realistically is the ‘fabric pull’ for this… as an aside I was thinking that this quilt would take up much of my “holy fabric” and that I would be able to justify shopping again at the end of this… hmmm… ahhh…. no.).

As for the how of this baby. I haven’t foundation pieced in many moons, so actually doing it again was a challenge – loved it. I was delayed slightly because I wanted to get some tracing paper which I can remember using in the past, but finding the time to get to Officeworks turned out to be a bigger challenge than anticipated. Then I remembered that I actually work at a university and went to the bookshop and they had exactly what I wanted. Excuses gone.

foundation piecing backWorking with the tracing paper has been awesome in some ways – and not so much in others.

I find that it comes out really easily and is stable when I need it to be… but the flip-side of that is that when I stuffed it up (twice) I needed to redraw the foundation as they didn’t survive me.

As for the curves…. I managed to sew it all on my machine (Insert happy dance around the house)…

Now for three more of them… when I get back from my weekend away in Sydney.

Very happy 🙂


3 thoughts on “In the beginning – Modern Medallion

  1. Well done this looks great! Especially love your smaller arc grey fabric. I’ve never tried sewing onto tracing paper, I’ll have to try it.

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