Modern Medallion


You know that sometimes when you wake up on a lazy Sunday morning and you wander about the internet… Facebook, Instagram etc… You hit upon such wonderful ideas. Well the photo above is representative of what happened next.

Now today I has planned to take it easy – perhaps quilt a bit, perhaps read a bit, perhaps snooze in the afternoon… instead I ended up pulling all of the fabric I own out and reorganising it according to colour and it is in boxes (a process I wish had of taken longer)… because I am going to do the Two Aussie Birds: Modern Medallion Quilt Along.

Now. I see a couple of issues with this just now…

  1. I like it when my points meet and are perfect (which isn’t going to happen with this),
  2. I don’t like my machine (regular readers will know this, but it is something I am trying to work on), and
  3. I am currently on a “no new fabric” thing.

The consequence of point three is that my “modern medallion” will be extremely scrappy – which I keep saying that I don’t do, but really I do. Also, I have a lot of reproductions in the boxes… this could be interesting.

Also for extremely long time readers… back in January 2009 I wrote about not being able to find my quilting ruler… I found it today…

Good times.


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