My sewing machine: A hate story

MachineMany years ago (2007 qualifies as many years ago now, doesn’t it?) – before I became a teacher – my then husband bought me a sewing machine. It was what I wanted and I had the intention of working on my quilting. This machine drops its feeds dogs easily, it has all the attachments I need and all of the instructions are there. Today I actually read them.

I have mentioned before that I don’t generally machine anything. I learned how to sew by hand when I was about 5 or something, I sewed on my grandmother’s treadle (which is now mine) for years and eventually I got a machine of my own. This one I have been arguing with is my second machine (I still have the other one in the cupboard somewhere too).

I am trying to get over my mistrust of the machine. I make “things” on it all the time – but never really quilts.

Of course my inability to sew in a straight line is frustrating me greatly – perhaps I should just give up on that idea and free motion?


2 thoughts on “My sewing machine: A hate story

  1. Are you using a walking foot for the straight line quilting? What can really help is using painters tape as a guid for the lines that you want to stitch.

    • I had painters tape and was using a walking foot… residue when I moved the tape created most of the problems, so I am digging out some other marking tools I bought ‘just in case’ I decided to give this a shot… now I just need to find some time to play again.

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