Nothing Good Can Come of This

For those who have been watching along on Instagram, I have been playing with some half square triangles without a plan… in the beginning I made the comment that nothing good can come of this… I generally have a plan from the outset… this time I didn’t… by this I mean, I started with squares, they “fell” into triangles and now I have a pouch thing.

When I started this mini-project, I didn’t really know where I was going with it. At one point I was contemplating a mug rug, but then I thought about the zipper collection, and how I really should start putting a bit of a dint in it.

OneThis was my starting point, selecting the colours (which I may add, I also don’t work with very often)/ I kind of had something in mind, but more around the use of triangles. I had really liked the way that the chevrons came together in the scrap quilt I made recently, so I thought about that.

The triangles sat on the table for quite a bit of time while I played with them and tried to find something that I was happy with. The world should be grateful that I didn’t post photos of every change I made.

But this is where we ended up. TwoThere is a little puckering in some of the triangles – two to be exact and typically they are the ones which I have taken the photo of. But I am trying to do some things with machine piecing to practice – this is a reasonable start for that.

I put the zipper in using instructions from the Amy Butler Style Stitches book (which I really should spend more time with).


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