And sometimes I finish things too

In my last post I wrote about how I don’t generally do machine work – I prefer to do some things by hand and quilting is generally one of those things. Well recently (well over the past couple of months) I actually made something on the machine.

Chevrons-3This is my version of Patchwork Chevron from the Moda Bakeshop.

The whole thing came together in the end, but a couple of points…

  • This is listed as a “lap quilt”… now unless you consider a lap quilt to be one which goes on a queen sized bed, then this is a bit bigger than it should be.
  • The corners get chopped off… now this is actually okay, but part of the reason why I don’t actually sew on my machine is that I don’t feel like I am as accurate as I am when I use a needle and thread. I can honestly say that I threw this quilt in the corner more than once and it is a small wonder that it made it through.
  • It needs more of the background fabric than is listed. Way more. And it prompted a bit of a discussion on Facebook about the colour white and how there are shades of it.
  • I wanted to get the colours to flow and be a bit rainbow like… and I think I managed that pretty well. These were fabrics which I don’t generally use, and while I don’t think I will again, I am not as put off by them as I was (if that makes sense?).
  • I had it professionally quilted. I had never done that before and I think I will do that again. Soon.


Overall, I think I will make this quilt again, but I will be doing the maths again myself before I start it, because something in there just doesn’t add up.


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