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I don’t do a lot of machine work. It isn’t that I don’t like my machine, it is more that I am more accurate without it and that the part of the process of quilting that I enjoy is actually the creation as relaxation part… that is why I started quilting in the first place. Over the past few weeks (well from before Christmas until the end of January), I made a quilt, start to finish, using my machine (other than the quilting, I decided while I was breaking my own rules I would have the thing professionally quilted while I was at it – very liberating really). But that one has gone to its new home and I have taken up with my hexies again.

I started this quilt as an experiment using glue to put the hexies on their papers, rather than basting them. This has had a couple of really big positives…

  1. I no longer live in fear of stabbing myself during the basting process, and
  2. It feels like it is coming together faster than when I have bated the hexagons and then put them together… kind of like double sewing them.

The glue is pretty good to work with (I do need to get more of it, I am down to my last refill), and the process is very easy.

HexagonsDo you like my nails? Usually they are black or dark blue but for whatever reason they are sparkly just now.

One of the questions I have had about using the glue with the hexagons was how easy does the glue come out at the end? Which is a fair question. The potential problems could be two fold:

  1. The glue is too strong and they don’t come out easily, or
  2. The glue is too weak and it comes apart too soon.

Well here is the back of my Happiness Is (in progress). I have to be honest and say I haven’t really had either problem. They seem to stay put until I need them not to be.

BackI still have no idea how big this thing is going to be. I am still going with all of the bright and happy fabrics I have – mostly spots with a couple of stripes there for good measure… but I have seen some chevrons which would fit the bill as well… *sigh*


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