In the Summertime

20140221-202947.jpgIn January I went home to the farm to spend some time with the family. I usually love going home to the farm, seeing the countryside and spending time wandering about taking photos. But this time was different.

There was smoke in the air from the bushfires around the district, you can see in the photo above. The other issue that was going on at that point was the heat. Over the weeks leading up to this there had been too many days above 40 degrees for it to be comfortable (but then I don’t like any days above 40 degrees, I much prefer winter). The countryside was baked. So dry. Too dry.

20140221-203037.jpgIn amongst the dry, my stepmother has been working hard to keep the house garden alive. One of the things I love in the garden are the roses. This one (above) is one of the miniatures she has. It has one of the most divine smells – filling the air with its scent at the end of the day. There are other roses in the flower bed, but this one seems to have a colour which is different depending on what stage the flower is up to. Open this much there are the light pinks, at other stages they are white and cream.

The lens I am using on my camera for these photos was one I bought myself for Christmas from Lensbaby… and I have to say that it is love. I am enjoying my photography so much at the moment. And tomorrow I am heading off with some friends to look at an old town – complete with quilts and fun.


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