Winter is Coming.

A while ago I ordered some books on Amazon both from Blackbird Designs – When the Cold Wind Blows and Country Inn. The first major applique quilt which I made years ago was a Blackbird Designs one which I cannot for the life of me remember what the name of it was was (if I do remember then I will update). So today I have started another quilt, and I am calling it Winter is Coming.

Now while I realise that the quilt already has a name which the designer has given it, I am not sure at this stage if I will be sticking to the original pattern yet or improvising as I go. But if my previous efforts are anything to go by – my money is on improvisation. For the moment I am up to the cutting and basting part of the construction. I will go block by block and try to keep to the same colours as I go. But we shall all see about that…

I use freezer paper for my applique, but this time I am taking lessons I have learned from the hexagons I am working on and using glue to baste down the seam allowance onto the freezer paper with the intention of pulling it out at the end. This is different for me as I have always used freezer paper as templates and then glue to baste it to the background fabric before needle turning the edges, this will be a whole lot more accurate. So my experiments continue.


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