Happiness is – An update

The hexagons are coming together quite nicely. Of course I reached a point where I needed to see what they all looked like when they were joined – so I have started putting them all together.

As I have mentioned before this is an experiment with a new technique (to me), and as the hexagons are coming together I am discovering some of the downside as well as the benefits of using the glue instead of basting the hexagons to the foundations. As they are coming together and being handled the glue isn’t sticking in places – but I am wondering if that is because I haven’t used enough, or if there is something which I have missed with the whole process. If there is, please add a comment below – I would love to know if others have experienced the same thing as I have.

I am still not set on where this will end up, but I am leaning towards the centre of a larger quilt or a rather large pillow cover. Time will tell I suppose.


4 thoughts on “Happiness is – An update

  1. Yep – the glue pops off the fabric, but don’t worry too much. Mostly I just either hold down with a crease and my fingers, or else dab a little extra glue on the edge to keep it going longer. You don’t want to be using too much glue – makes the fabric fray when you try to get the papers out later.

    When it comes to removing, I find those orange sticks (for manicures!) the Best Thing Ever. As I sew the hexies to each other, I remove the papers. Makes it easier for handling.

    Your hexies are looking fantastic! Can’t wait to see how they end up.

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