Rotary Cutter: 1 – Katie: 0

At the quilt show a while ago I splurged and bought myself a new rotary cutter. Today I managed to demonstrate to a friend exactly how sharp the blade is by cutting the back of my hand.

Under the Transformers band aid is a small cut, but large enough to make me think twice about dealing with white fabric, or any fabric which can’t hide blood stains.

It is a timely reminder of why it is that I use scissors to cut out most of the things I deal with and avoid my sewing machine. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Rotary Cutter: 1 – Katie: 0

  1. My rotary cutter has a good locking mechanism and is the ergonomic Olfa design. I love using it because its so quick and accurate, but I’m also paranoid about cutting myself. I’ve read so many stories about quilters needing stitches after rotary cutting accidents. Glad you only needed a band aid.

    • Thanks. It was a stupid accident. My friend had the cutter in her hand and I reached across to point at something the same moment she moved down – It caught the back of my hand. I live in fear of cutting myself more seriously than that.

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