Yes. But why?

One of the things about the very slow unpacking process has been the rediscovery of all the different things which I have collected over the years. And here I am talking specifically craft related.

I have discovered over the years that I have scrapbooked, knitted, crocheted, painted, drew, made lace in a variety of ways and made clothes. I am sure that there are things which I have tried and thrown out immediately upon discovering that whatever it was, wasn’t quite the craft I was looking for.

About 15 years ago I was at a craft fair in Brisbane with my sister-in-law and I saw quilts for the first time. I was completely hooked. It took a couple of years until I started my first quilt (what was to become my first UFO), and since then I have made quite a few… Actually I have no idea how many.

Why did you start quilting?


One thought on “Yes. But why?

  1. Crocheting was my thing for a while. Then, when I finally discovered how much fun sewing was I haven’t hardly picked up the crochet hook . I love the how quickly a sewn project comes together. I just made my first quilt the other day. I’ve always loved quilts and have always wanted to make one. So, I finally ordered a kit from Quilts for Kids and made my very first one and it will be going to a little boy who needs some extra comfort. I made a second one for my niece for her 1st birthday and I can’t wait to make another one!

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