Designing happiness

The newest quilts I am making both have happiness in mind. My hexagon quilt (or coasters/table centre/cloth/cushion… whatever it ends up being) was borne out of nothing more than a desire to create something which was happy, which used colours which make me happy and wasn’t in any danger of becoming something huge in size (having said that there is always the danger that it will end up king bed sized, I generally don’t make small quilts).

There is another one which I started on the weekend, a baby quilt for one of the newest members of the family, I will hopefully have some official news on that soon… Which reminds me, I need to get some yellow stranded cotton on my way home from work. It should contrast nicely with the black.

The design process for both of these quilts is very different to what I generally do. I am actually not thinking about them very much and just going with the flow. There has been no sketches done, I have a basic idea in the back of my head of what I would like them to look like… Time will tell what happens.


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