The Gammon Children

A while ago I spent a bit of time closer to home and wandered around the Beechworth Cemetery. I love old colonial cemeteries, they can be such a window into our past (there is the History Teacher).

And there were the Gammon Children.

In the middle of the hedge is the grave site of seven of the ten Gammon children, who died between 1862 and 1872 and ranged in ages between 9 weeks and 2 years. Disease was rife on the goldfields and many children lost their lives to things which we wouldn’t think of as life threatening things in the modern world.

It really reinforces how far some aspects of society has actually come.

In another part of the cemetery is the Chinese Cemetery, along with the Chinese Burning Towers.

I am going to return to the cemetery at another time, perhaps when it isn’t so cold and hailing. 🙂


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