The quest begins

In an attempt to re-enthuse myself I went to not one but two local quilt shops for inspiration. Now it isn’t like I haven’t set foot in one for the last 18 months, I just haven’t with my quilting in mind.

It isn’t like I don’t have things to do – my works in progress have not progressed at all (save the odd stitch here and there) for the last while. But I thought that if I went to one of the shops then perhaps I would see something which I would “have” to make because I “needed” it… I may have been a bit wrong.

Things don’t seem all that different. There are similar looking ranges from the same designers in the same spots in the shop. Now these are designers whom I love and adore (and I was tempted to come home with some), but I was looking for something new which would grab me and given that there has been a number of months since I last did battle was it a bit much to assume that there would be something “new” which would grab me? But there wasn’t.

I was also a little surprised about the price of the fabric. The Australian dollar has been at parity with the US for ages now, and the low price of the Aussie dollar was always the excuse given as to why fabric is so expensive here. Why is it more now? Sure it is only a dollar or so more, but it is now even more economically viable for me to visit the online stores and pay the international postage for the fabric I love.

ImageAm I expecting a bit much?



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