Do I have to go???

Holidays end for me on Monday, back to work.

No more spending my days with King Henry while working on the Mosaic Flower Garden or some other things which I have completed! Yes, that is right, completed!

I had to finish something. And I know that the term is about to start and there is something which I am getting which I need a pouch for. So I made one.

My iPad will hopefully make its appearance in the house sometime in the next few weeks, so I made a carry pouch for it. Based on this tutorial I made it in an afternoon… and it looks a little something like this…

(Please note the black nails – I love them)

On the inside of the sleeve there is flannel, which should not only keep the iPad (which will have a name when it arrives) warm, but should also protect it a little from scratching.

There were a couple of changes which I made to the pattern, the addition of the flannel was the first, the second was to have a pocket on the inside of the cover, rather than the outside wrap around one.

My iPhone is in the pocket where the iPad will go and there is an inner pocket on the other side from that under the red fabric (my descriptive ability is impaired by the lack of coffee, when the new baby arrives, I will blog about this again).

And here is proof that I managed to find my stuff… but I think that there needs to be another post all about that 🙂


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