There comes a point where you wonder why…

Why, why, why did I start this quilt?

Mosaic Flower Garden is going along, it should be I have been slowly working on it for over 2 years now… TWO YEARS!!! Well earlier on this week I decided I hated it and I wasn’t going to do any more. It was pale and washed out, there was no vibrancy to it, it wasn’t what I wanted. So I have started putting the top together, just because I have cut out all of the frames for the hexagons and didn’t want to lose them… Then I started putting the squares in and the top started to take shape.

I have put it out on the floor and taken photos of it before, but they have actually been sewn together now… there is more of it together than what is here, and I have managed to catch up on all sorts of trashy tv… love school holidays…

There are two blocks which have to be completed soon… I want to get the top together by the end of the school holidays, so I have almost two weeks… Both of the blocks are from the bottom row, so I figure I can put the other rows together just to see some progress with it.

The 8th one to be finished

And then there were nine…

I think that if I manage to get the centre of the quilt together, I may actually see some progress… but I still wonder why it is I started the thing in the first place…


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