Yes, I do still have a blog

I get asked quite a bit as to whether or not I still have a quilt blog, but given that I don’t do much in the way of quilting at the moment (thus making me wonder if I still have the right to refer to myself as a quilter), I have had to think abut things again.

There are still quite a few who do pop in from time to time – the counter thing is full of information about such things – so I guess I should write about what I have been up to of late.

Well, I moved house (hold on I have already said that). We had Christmas with more family than I am generally used to (I think there are pictures about cherries to that effect). But then I went on a bit of an adventure… I went to the tennis.

I love tennis – used to play, small child (whose birthday it is today) plays it with alarming regularity, and apparently quite well (but I digress)… I went to the Australian Open, a whole week of tennis, tennis and not a lot else more than tennis… apart for the bit where it rained.

So, here are the obligatory photos…

It rained on the first day… so here is what happens before there can be any more play…

This photo actually tells the story of the first day. This was the only match I watched on the first day, a women’s match, it started at 11.00 am… for all of the maths people in the room, what story does this tell???

But then the rain cleared and there was a whole lot of tennis… I will (eventually) have more on flickr, but for the moment I leave you with…

Janko Tipsarevic

And Gael Monfils

There are some others as well… but that can do for now.


One thought on “Yes, I do still have a blog

  1. have been back alot to find you have not been blogging and then sudenly there you are!! hey I hope the move has been a good one and that all is well with you and the gang. Miss you, Julie

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