Who do we give things to?

A few weeks ago I made a quilt for my step mother for Christmas… well I made the quilt and thought at the time that I may give it to her, unless I decided that I liked it more myself… well…

I was talking with a friend yesterday and she mentioned that she never gives quilts to family – with the exception of the husband/children. Because she feels that the time and money which goes into them (which can be significant) is too precious to be wasted. Now I know that happens. I once made a quilt for someone and they gave it back to me, because she didn’t like it. And I know that there has been another quilt which I made which has ended up being used as a pet blanket… but that is the risk you take. I am able to tell the boys to clean up and pick up after themselves, they value the quilts I make them – they have little choice, they know that it takes me months to make one for them, and they consider themselves lucky to eventually get it.

I am thinking about who it is that I give things to, outside the house.

What about you… anything put you off giving quilts as gifts?


2 thoughts on “Who do we give things to?

  1. I give quilts as gifts. After I give them I hope they will be loved but I consider it out of my hands. I sometimes give quilts to strangers because it just hits me that they need one.

  2. I didn’t use your quilt as a blanket. It was used for both Rebecca and Charlotte in their cots. It was a floor rug for Charlotte for ages when she was little, but people actually stood on it, so I got cranky, washed it and keep it safe. I loved the quilt you gave my girls…..

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