A Tisket a Tasket, this is the basket

I get quite a bit of traffic to the blog through my Blocks of the Month page. I understand the allure of the block of the month, the anticipation of the new block, the bite sized manageable pieces… but I have a bit of a problem with actually managing to do any of them.

Today I am rather proud of myself, I have made progress… on TWO blocks of the month!

Basket Template

This is the basket template I have made, now while most people completing the BOM are working their way through the eighth block, I am partway through the first three… my theme is spots, all of the baskets shall be spotty – well at least today they are all spotty, this is as always subject to my whim. I have also rediscovered my love for the clover bias makers… they make life so much easier…

Clover 1/4" bias maker in action

Something which I have also done is to trace all of the designs for the Gail Pan Christmas thingy (look at the BOM page, it is there). I plan to take this one to work with me, there have been changes to lunchtimes and the like, so now I can’t disappear for coffee to get some headspace, I need to create it all on my own… hence the Christmas quilt plan…

Gail Pan BOM

We shall see if that plan works or not…


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