The house was littered with bodies

Well it was. School holidays are in full swing, so being the mother of teenage boys it means that there has been sleepless nights are we are protected from all manner of invaders and there have also been some Guitar Heroes born. Yes it has been the week of the sleepover. Coming out of my room first thing in the morning to find lifeless bodies on couches and the floor, food disappearing as fast as it appears and being asked grammar questions over breakfast (I am after all, the mum who is an English teacher).

So I have spent my holidays baking. It feels like my house when I was at home when either my Dad or Nin would make scones for lunch or pikelets for afternoon tea.  I even baked a cake yesterday afternoon (please don’t tell them, they don’t know yet). But I think that it is drawing to a close, the caravan is moving on – they are going elsewhere. But apparently at the next house they don’t get baked goodies, they get pizza and BBQ shapes instead. My child is looking forward to that, but I am now officially “The Mum who Cooks”. They promise they are coming back – if that is the case, I need flour. And some sleep.


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