Cakes, cats and research

While I have been feeding the invading hordes (well actually there weren’t too many extras here), I have rediscovered the baking gene. I actually do like baking and cooking, there can be a peace to it (under the right circumstances), and there is something nice about the whole creating process… so I have been baking the thinks from my youth, what Dad and my Nin (Mum’s mum) made, it would be described as “homestyle” and given the cake in the picture below came out of a CWA Cookbook, highly appropriate.

Apple and Saltana Cake

It has also been a bit of a time for the smaller members of the household. They are not used to having humans here during the day and have reacted with their usual sense of charm and grace. They are milking the attention for all it is worth. But there has also been a change in seasons over the past few days, spring has sprung, but there is a problem… they are indoor cats, and there are outdoor cats outdoors… poor Trinny – she didn’t like the cat near the letterbox at all…


And I haven’t been quilting… but I have been busy.


At least I have started…


2 thoughts on “Cakes, cats and research

    • The baking thing comes and goes mostly because I have a love/hate relationship with it… the kids enjoy it while it lasts but know that it will disappear just as quickly as it arrived…

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