How many is too many?

I am procrastinating, can you tell?

I have a thesis to research, but I have been having a lovely time in the garden and quilting. I have even baked today – that is nothing short of a miracle. Anyhow…

I was wondering around the internet (as one does) and started to think about the projects which I have on the go… they are (in no particular order)

1. Bok’s Disappearing Nine Patch: there are photos of it here somewhere, or if you are really interested go to the flickr page, it should be there somewhere. It is black and green, orange is there somewhere and there is bound to be purple. I am almost half way though quilting it, I think. Truth be told I have been telling him that I am about half way through for about a year now, but never mind, he loves me anyway. He has actually started using it in the lounge room, he sits under it (avoiding the needles), while killing zombies on the PS3.

2. Mosaic Flower Garden: I love this quilt. It is getting there but there is a LOT of applique – not that I mind a lot of applique, it is actually the point of me doing that quilt, to work on my skills.

3. The one I mentioned earlier (last post): disappearing nine patch, coffee themed fabric, may end up a gift for the evil stepmother*. But that remains to be seen. However, I have pinned it ready for quilting…2009-Sep-22_0425

4. When people say that they are behind in their blocks of the month… well… on my block of the month page there is a quilt called “A Tisket a Tasket” well… I have started it, the first month anyhow, and I have printed out the instructions for all of the ones which have been put online, and well this is what I have done so far…

A Tisket a Tasket January

I have also had a birthday, and was a bit spoilt… I scored a uber package from the beauty salon and these lovely flowers delivered to my work… aren’t I a lucky girl then.Flowers from Cas

There is another birthday in the house today. But this one actually makes me feel old… Suj is 15… that is bad.

*she isn’t actually evil, well not that I know of.


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