Katie Quilted!!!!

Well it was bound to happen eventually but I have made something today. Actually, I made something and I started something new…

I have also been playin20 Sep 09g with Photoshop and my new camera – but I digress…

In the lovely photo you should notice two things. Firstly, there is the quilt in the background. It is a “free” quilt, meaning that I have made it from stuff which I already had in the cupboard. It is intended to be a Christmas gift for my stepmother, but it 1) needs to get finished and 2) I need to not fall in love with it enough that I decide to keep it for myself. It is ye olde disappearing nine patch, it was going to be something else, but you know when you just randomly start putting things together and they sort of have a mind of their own how they just sort of do stuff (school holidays have started and my brain has left me for a little while, so please excuse my astonishingly horrendous powers of description)… well that is what happened.

The other thing in the photograph is a pencil case which I made Cas (DH). It is based on a tutorial which you can find here on Sublime Stitching’s blog. The original has reverse applique and all sorts of fun things, but mine is paired back a bit and is now currently residing in the desk near me with a portable hard drive in it.

As I have mentioned it is school holidays (yay!) so hopefully there will be some time for some quilting, sewing and other stuff… not just all of the reading I need to do about methodology, paradigms and research methods…


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