Progress at last!

I am pleased to announce that after many months of fluffing around I have now started to get somewhere.

Moving from state to state as we have for the past few years has really taken a toll on us all.  But now that the move back to Canberra has been confirmed (yay!); we have a house ready for us to move into (complete with conservatory), the boys will be able to go back to the school they left last year (they have asked to go back to the school to finish off the year instead of taking the last three weeks of the school year off – I am really pleased about that), and I am returning to the job I had as well (yay!)… all in all, not a bad result.

I have over the past few months neglected things, and there are some notes in the mail about that. Nothing too major, just some long forgotten commitments and apologies to be made.

I hope that all is well in your lives,



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