Katie is a bad blogger…

Well… time flies and all of that…

I have quilted, very briefly about a month ago. I have started a new quilt (one is wondering why I have done this…), the one with the rabbits from the Blocks of the Month page, I am going to change a couple of the blocks to cope with seasonal/regional differences, but I really love the feeling and style of the thing.

My education progresses… my masters are now in full swing with my research area getting approval and the appointment of a supervisor. The problem is that I know that my quilting will be there when I need it, but I REALLY need to work hard with the study side of things… so, for the next few months quilting will continue to suffer, although I really do need to find some sense of balance with the whole thing. I tend to get a bit on the obsessive side with things, so we shall see how we go.

In other news I have a new camera. I finally bit the bullet and bought a digital SLR. It is love. I have been going a touch on the paparazzi side in relation to the kids and the cats, but the cats don’t seem to mind that much. But I think the boys may be pooling their pocket money and calling in the lawyers.

I went for a Saturday afternoon drive with Cas and managed to take some lovely shots of the weir. There has been drought here for years and the weir level is WAY down, I will find some older shots and put mine there for a comparison (at some stage in the undefined future).

Also, we are moving again. No real shock there, and it will be nice to get back to Canberra.

If for some strange reason you would like to… have a look for me on Facebook… I am there, somewhere. (Katie Jean)


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