I am still here…

But sometimes it doesn’t seem like it…

Life intervenes from time to time… like when I bite off more than I can chew. I, rather stupidly in hindsight, thought that working full time and doing my masters part time would be easy… lol.

Quilting is now something which I do to turn off my mind… thinking about research, and theories and all of the other things which come with postgraduate study (or any study for that matter) takes effort, and it is a bit hard! Settling into a new school has also been a bit of a challenge, but there has been some good news in the past day or so with a move back to Canberra confirmed for the end of the year.  While this will mean another move, hopefully I will be able to get the boys back into their old school and I can take up my position which I am leave without pay from… which will be really nice.

For the moment, this blog will change direction. I am still quilting, but perhaps  will talk more about why it is only sometimes…


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