You have all heard the joke…

You know the one about the quilter who dies and then ends up in a place where there are all of the beautiful threads, fabrics, buttons and everything you need to make the best quilts… but then the Devil asks her if she has a needle…


Has anyone seen my ruler?

I haven’t and I have turned the quilt space upside down trying to find it.  I might try turning the husband upside down and see if that helps, he after all unpacked the quilting stuff and put it in “logical order”.


5 thoughts on “You have all heard the joke…

  1. I hope you find it. Good luck. You at least have the excuse of just moving house – I still have not found the binding for a swap quilt I did months ago (bound in something else and sent off).

    I am pretty sure that “quilting stuff” and “logical order” are mutually exclusive terms. You might like to point that out to your husband. LOL

  2. Oh noooo!!! My fiance knows better than to touch my quilty things without me present. I hyperventilate if he’s even IN there! LOL He’s quite the neat-freak and always wants to stack and pile things and make it look “neater” and it freaks me out! There is definite order to my chaos and I don’t want anyone touching it! When I moved in with him recently, I thought I was literally going to pass out from the stress of moving my fabric and notions. I was so afraid something would get lost or misplaced. I know, I’m psycho! But I just wanted to let you know, you’re not alone!

  3. Ahahaha! This was funny.

    I lost my scissors last night so I feel your pain! They’re just… gone. I have looked everywhere. Well, obviously not everywhere, I guess, but it feels like it. Unfortunately, everyone else was in bed so it was my fault.

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