You are invited…

As I mentioned a little while ago I have decided to have a house and blog warming… One of the reasons I made the big switch from Blogger to WordPress, is the ease which I can make new pages.  So, if you look just to your right, on the screen there is a page titled…. Housewarming Invitation… if you click on there, you will find the very nice invitation to the housewarming…

There are instructions on the page, and hopefully there is a button thingy which I made in PhotoShop, so feel free to use it on your blog. 

All I am asking is that if you are attending you please RSVP, I am planning giveaways and the like, so it would be really nice to have numbers a couple of days before the big event.

The big event is happening on Australia Day (January 26th) and it is a BBQ theme… just for fun, and because that it what we do.

Hope that you can come!



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