A New Year, a new house and a new blog!

There have been a lot of changes in the household over the past few weeks.  We have moved states… which really isn’t all that far only about 350 kms or so. I have had to move jobs… another year, another school…  and I have made the switch from Blogger to WordPress.  I hope that if you were one of my Blogger readers you are going to click over here as well! 

To celebrate, I am going to be having a housewarming/blogwarming in the next couple of weeks… date to be determined!  Watch this space! Details are being sorted as I type!



3 thoughts on “A New Year, a new house and a new blog!

  1. Love the new template Katie – is that why you made the move to wordpress, or is there a more significant difference? I’, always looking for advice re blogging.
    Oh, and does your new house /blog really need ‘worming’? LOL Happy New Year, and Happy New Blog!

  2. Thanks Di! I was just testing to see if you were actually reading the words 🙂 The typo has been fixed up… now if only I could treat the redbacks as easily as I could treat the worms… they are driving me insane at the moment.

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